Tomas Watson was born in 1971 in England; he lives and works in Athens Greece.

Watson studied at Huddersfield Technical College (UK) and graduated from the Slade School of Art in London in 1994. He continued his studies at the University College Hospital in London where he attended a year-long anatomy course for artists.

The majority of Watson’s works focus on the human figure. In his paintings, he often portrays a body or a portion of a body in twisted forms and movements. His style can vary from a modern take on the classical chiaroscuro figure to a highly contemporary composition with strong, bold colors. Furthermore, he has done many works with collage and found objects as the basis of his work onto which he paints his subjects.

In 1998 Watson won the prestigious BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The prize awarded him the commission of the British author John Fowles; the painting remains in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery. Subsequently Watson won two fellowships from the government of Greece to live and paint in Greece.

During his career, Watson has participated in numerous shows in Europe, the United States, Canada and India.

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