Søren Martinsen

Søren Martinsen was born in 1966 in Lyngby Denmark. He lives and works in Glumsø Denmark and Berlin.

Martinsen’s formal art training began at the Royal Danish Academy of Art where he began studying in 1989. He then studied at Goldsmiths College of Art in London where he earned his Master of Fine Arts in 1994.

Fundamentally a landscape painter, Martinsen’s works vary from landscapes of the Danish countryside to paintings from an aerial perspective. In both of these approaches, he reduces the visual information and the works often have a slightly abstracted feeling. In his more traditional landscapes for example he may reduce the reflection on water to a two-dimensional composition whereas his aerial landscapes rely on the patterns in nature created by human to form the composition. The overall impact gives the viewer enough information to recognize the subject yet at the same time asks the viewer to interpret it.

Martinsen paints these landscapes in differing layers of thickness and frequently allows the previous layer of color to come through. The resulting works are deeply layered with bold, nearly impressionistic, colours.

Martinsen’s paintings are included in the permanent collection of several public museums. His work has also been recognized in his native country by receiving a three year stipend from the National Art Foundation and additional subsequent working grants from the same foundation. He has exhibited extensively for more than 25 years.

Website www.sorenmartinsen.com