Novello Finotti

Novello Finotti was born in 1939 in Verona Italy; he lives and works in Pietrasanta and northern Italy.

Finotti has a career spanning more than 60 years. His sculptures have embraced several artistic styles in this span however his work has remained predominantly figurative. His commitment to figurative art is based on his steadfast belief in the narrative and also the persuasive ability of art. As an aid to this belief, his works often reference symbols and allegories: the basic form of an egg or a bird’s nest, the conception of life or the contemplation of death.

Through the span of his career, Finotti’s works have touched upon many themes and artistic movements. Some works tend to be surreal, others may reference mythology, literature or art. His works at times can be sexual yet at other times they can be reflective.

The list of shows in galleries and museums in which Finotti has exhibited is extensive. He has participated twice in the Venice Biennale: in 1966 and in 1984 in a solo presentation. His works have been commissioned by the Vatican including a marble sculpture in an external niche of St. Peter’s Basilica. He has won numerous prizes internationally and his sculptures are collected by several museums as well as significant private collections.

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