Exhibitions 2021


works by Luca Moscariello and Kelly Robert


The works presented in the show Guarda oltre are united in how they tease the viewer. The paintings of Luca Moscariello play with the eye and make the viewer work to understand how the color panels of the two-dimensional surface seem to recede inwards or jut out of the surface. Kelly Robert’s sculptures tease us in the way the forms of the figures curve, sometimes gently while other times suddenly, yet create the softness of the human form. The slightest curves make subtle shadows. As the viewer, both artists require us to look further than what we see at the first glimpse. We must look beyond to understand more.

This idea of looking beyond what is first seen is the curatorial link between these two artists. For Moscariello, very little narrative is given in his paintings, yet they are engaging. The manner in which he plays with color, light and shadows stops the viewer and makes us want to study the forms; examine the shadows. We are compelled to want to find out more. With Robert’s sculptures, the viewer follows the lines and the curves to see how they join, to see where they take the eye as it flows around the form. A strong angle of the back may slowly roll into a subtle line in the shoulder forming the slightest shadow. The viewer’s eyes flow over the body wanting to see what is yet to come.

In this show, Moscariello presents works from his Puzzle series. These paintings, in vibrant shades, primarily in oil and enamel on wood panel, trick the viewer’s eye; they are not what they first seem. As the artist explains: “They are a visual deception that undermines perception and leads us to delve carefully beyond what we see”. For Moscariello, his paintings are also more generally a metaphor for the human need to look deeper; to look beyond what is first presented to us.

Robert’s sculptures, created in Italian white clay and painted with enamel, with their twisting forms and curving shapes ask the viewer to follow the lines of the forms. It is these lines and curves that the viewer uses to see the sculpture and to understand the forms. However, there is more to the sculptures than the forms.                                                                                                    For Robert, her sculptures are figures coming out of a struggle and emerging forth. As she explains her female forms: “I am consistently enamored by how incredibly rooted in strength she is.”  Her works are about a single moment, after a period of struggle, when the person emerges and is stronger. It is this moment that the artist wants us to see. She wants us to look beyond the sculpture itself and appreciate the power and strength from which she has come.

The two artists in Guarda oltre are asking us to look beyond what is seen at the first glance, to look further than what is obvious. The artists encourage and challenge us to see more than what is initially apparent. It is when we take this step beyond that we fully engage with the works and actually see them:  when we see them as was meant by the artists. When our eyes roll over a sculpture’s curves and twists or when we struggle to see from where a shape is emerging from a painting, we are looking past what is given to us. It is this moment the two artists are asking us to reach…the moment when we look beyond.

Moscariello is showing 11 works in both “oil and enamel on wooden panel” and “oil, enamel and gesso on wood panel”. Dimensions range from 50 x 50 cm, 50 x 70 cm, 70 x 100 cm, 100 x 100 cm, 100 x 150 cm and 180 x 180 cm. This is Moscariello’s first exhibition with Accesso Galleria.

Robert is showing 8 sculptures in Italian white clay and enamel. Dimensions range from 45 to 80 centimeters in height. This is Robert’s first exhibition in Europe



Via del Marzocco, 68-70