Exhibitions 2022

The Sculpture Show

works by Peter Simon Mühlhäußer, Alex Rane, Kelly Robert and Bruno Walpoth


Accesso Galleria presents four international figurative sculptors in the show entitled “The Sculpture Show”. Each artist in the show has exhibited with Accesso in the past; many of them for several years. In theory, therefore, these artists’ works are familiar to us. However, when asked to participate in The Sculpture Show, each artist was asked to commit to push themselves further: to go beyond what they traditionally do, to challenge themselves and test the boundaries of their art.


This curatorial aspect was presented to the artists in October 2021 with the idea to encourage each of them to work beyond what they typically do. The intention was not to change what they do; as one of the artists summarized the idea, it is about “moving on to something further but in my own vein.”


The resulting exhibition shows works by artists we think we already know … yet with something fresh:  A life-size wooden Walpoth sculpture covered in Chinese paper, an uncharacteristically compact pose in marble by Rane, an overly exaggerated movement in clay by Robert, a bronze of a rolling figure by Mühlhäußer. All the sculptures have elements of their creators’ own signature styles; it is just that the artists are taking that style a little further than they have in the past.


Though the concept was met by a hint of skepticism by some artists, others were immediately engaged with the concept. One artist welcomed the challenge saying the show “will allow me to show who I am as an artist.” In the end, all four artists rose to the challenge given to them and produced unique, fresh works.


For the viewer, the desire is that the show will produce some surprises; that it brings something fresh to something familiar. And by doing this, the spectator will gain new insight as well as appreciation into the ability and creativity of these four sculptors.


8th Annual Season Opening


For the opening of the Summer Season 2022, Accesso Galleria presents six international contemporary artists in the “Eighth Annual Season-Opening”. The Season Opening is the gallery’s annual showcase of new works by its represented artists and the opportunity to introduce to the audience a new talent with whom it has started working. For 2022, Accesso Galleria is pleased to present, for his first show in Italy, the Belgian artist David Deweerdt.

As a departure from the gallery’s recent tendency for often presenting sculpture, The Season Opening will highlight only paintings and drawings. The works illustrate a narrative that is formed by each artist’s visual experience and emotions. Although all the artists have their own established theme, history, and practice, the notion connecting them in this show is their constant evolution in experimentation. This evolution allows them to either introduce new techniques, re-visit previous ones or perhaps combine these with new elements in their art to expand their artistic practice.

Sabatino Cersosimo, who is well known for his oil paintings with oxidation on steel panels, is showing two paintings on chipboard, a material he has not used for several years. The paintings are of single figures in solitary, even personally introspective, moments

David Deweerdt conveys a certain point of view on how he perceives human beings. His paintings on PVC are an exploration of numerous details and often represent faces and bodies that offer the viewer a peek into their emotions and their being.

Luca Moscariello paints three-dimensional works accomplished on two-dimensional wooden panels to create visual doubt. For this exhibition, he increased the visual deception with the use of monochromatic colors or a “double frame”.

Alex Rane searches for emotional complexity as he scratches and layers pencil into paint. In one of the exhibited works, he evolves his artistic practice by employing a life model rather than working from his imagination to ground the painting in reality and bring it closer to life.

Amber Sena’s drawings on paper are inspired by her strong passion for animal welfare. Recently, she has dedicated the subject of her work to cattle farming and the rearing of calves. An installation of five drawings will be exhibited.

Tomas Watson is noted for his use of strong light and shadows in his figurative images highlighting the way the body twists and the movement of muscles. For this exhibition, however, he is showing oil paintings from street scenes and his surroundings in Greece.