Exhibitions 2023

Res Naturales

Works by Susanna Bauer, Marina Kiselyova, Michael Weiss, Angela D'Ospina, Sian Smith e Amber Sena


In a departure from its presentation of predominantly figurative art, Accesso
Galleria presents for the Summer Season 2023 its first show with the theme of nature entitled “Res naturales”. The show hosts six artists from five countries (Germany, Italy, Scotland, Ukraine, USA), four of whom have never shown with Accesso. The works presented vary in the media used:  dried leaves with an intervention of crochet, scenes of a Scottish forest painted on chiffon, abstracted landscapes in oil, renderings of intensely detailed tree bark or tulips, paintings of fantastical compositions of incongruous organic objects.

The curatorial aspect of the show is two-fold. First, the idea is to bring
together a group of artists who are either using nature or taking inspiration
from it to create art across a spectrum of media. The resulting artwork all
reference nature; they have a visual connection to the natural world.
Furthermore, there is the need to have the exhibited artworks portraying
nature in a variety of forms…whether it is a painting of a detail of a tree, a
drawing of decayed leaf or an expansive landscape from the panorama of the
mountains of Carrara.

In the research and conversations with the artists in preparation for the show, a universal thread emerged: each artist is expressing their personal belief about their connection to nature. One spoke of her art and its reflection of the fragility of nature and in particular with mankind’s intervention. Another wrote about how human’s perception of and attitude toward nature is in essence a reflection of our own sense of self since we are part of nature. A third wants her art to be seen as a reminder to connect with the quietness of nature.
Another had a more scientific approach:  she perceives the patterns in nature as a real-life embodiment of the Fibonacci sequence.

Through the variety of artwork presented and the desire of each artist to share personal beliefs, the hope is that the show will encourage the viewer to reflect for a moment…perhaps to be reminded of what nature provides. Maybe a moment reflecting upon a work of art will remind the viewer that we are all part of nature…and what that in fact signifies.

The participating artists are the following:
Susanna Bauer is exhibiting a series of works of dried leaves and crochet in cotton thread (30 x 30 cm, 40 x 40 cm framed).

Angela D’Ospina is exhibiting paintings of oil on panel (ranging in size from 30 x 40 cm to 150 x 150 cm).

Marina Kiselyova is exhibiting a series of waterolor on vellum (19 x 14 cm, 30 x 24 cm framed) and drawings in ink pen on cotton paper (30 x 30 cm, 50 x 50cm framed).

Amber Sena is exhibiting a painting of watercolor and lime paint on panel (70 x 117 cm).

Sian Smith is exhibiting a painting of oil on chiffon (85 x 85 cm).

Michael Weiss is exhibiting paintings of oil on panel (20 x 25 cm) and a series of paintings of acrylic on gesso board (13 x 18 cm).




On the occasion of the start of the 2023 summer season, Accesso Galleria presents five international contemporary artists during the “9th Annual Season Opening”. The “Season Opening” is the gallery’s showcase of the new works of the artists already represented, and the opportunity to propose to the public a new artist with whom it has undertaken a collaboration. For 2023 Accesso Galleria is pleased to present: Luca Moscariello, Alex Rane, Bruno Walpoth, Kelly Robert and Sabatino Cersosimo