Angela D’Ospina

Angela D’Ospina was born in Taranto (Puglia) in 1987. She lives and works in Florence.

D’Ospina began her art education in secondary school in Taranto. She later moved to Florence where she studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti, earning degrees in both visual arts and methodologies of painting.

Although D’Ospina paints in a studio, as a painter of landscapes she seeks to spend many hours outside, surrounded by nature. These experiences are a source of inspiration for her paintings, however, for her they are more meaningful. The landscape scenarios in her paintings are images extracted from her memory of these moments outside, or as she refers to it, a “database” of personal experiences with nature.

D’Ospina works in both large and small scale and yet manages to create expansive landscapes in both formats. She combines images from her “database” to create something familiar or real when in fact all the information presented may not be. Her paintings often are not intended to capture a specific landscape or panorama but rather create the sense of a world universally experienced.

Working most often with oil paint, D’Ospina uses various surfaces but most typically canvas, paper, or wood. Through a process of layering the paint and then removing areas of it, she builds the levels and depths of the landscapes. It is this process that allows her to create these atmospheric, dense, and often evocative paintings.

For D’Ospina, the subject of a landscape painting is a pretext. It is a plea for reflecting and bringing forth everything that nature requires us to hear, see, and experience: emotions, relationships of distance or proximity, contrasting sensations, and even co-existence with the natural world.