Alex Rane

Alex Rane (Born in New York City in 1986. Lives in Pietrasanta and works in Carrara.)

Rane earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Lyme College of Fine Art in Connecticut. He subsequently studied for two years at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara.

Rane’s sculptures focus on the interaction between art and religion throughout art history. His influences include the great masters of the Renaissance, more specifically those who use their work as a form of devotion and almost worship itself, in addition to ancient ideas of spirituality. He takes these influences and combines them with modern philosophies and his own personal views of spirituality.

Rane’s works are process-driven. Typically, he starts with a small model he has created but soon leaves this behind and allows the marble or his instinct to direct the sculpture. The works investigate form and gesture. His sculptures exaggerate figurative forms and, along with contrasting marks, reveal his process of sculpting. He intentionally leaves certain areas of the marble rough or sometimes untouched and then contrasts these with areas where the shapes are more finished and defined. The end result produces contrasts of forms and gestures as well as textures and finishes.

Rane has exhibited internationally, and his sculptures are held in numerous collections worldwide including private museums in the United States and Spain. In addition, his work has been recognized through his receipt of scholarships and his participation in symposia.