Sabatino Cersosimo

Sabatino Cersosimo was born in Turin in 1974. He lives and works between Berlin and Turin.

Cersosimo initially studied advertising and design and then subsequently received a degree in decoration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin in 1999.

Cersosimo uses essentially two techniques. In one technique, he paints with oil on steel plates onto which he has oxidized part of the surface. After much experimentation with this method, he is able to “create” the oxidation where he wants it as well as prevent it from developing further over time. This technique allows him to reflect on the topics timewill and chance, between control and unpredictability of the factors contributing to the final result of the artwork.

A second artistic approach employed by Cersosimo is to paint with oil on chipboard. The inherent nature of the chipboard provides a natural background to his paintings as well as texture to the image itself. Similar to his technique on steel plates, he allows the material to be evidenced in the final painting. Certain areas he allows to be more visible than others yet in some areas he uses more material to mask the texture. The combination of the presence of the surface with the layered use of oil creates a very painterly result.

Cersosimo’s paintings mirror constellations of humanity in tiny particles. In doing so, they feature many of the commonalities shared among human beings across culture, language, gender, and race.

Cersosimo has shown in several exhibitions, his paintings are collected in Europe, USA, Australia, Taiwan, and Russia.    


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